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Tell me about Sishen Airport (SIS) in Northern Cape?

Sishen Airport is located close to Kathu, Northern Cape (NC) in the country of South Africa (Africa). Sishen Airport has an IATA code of SIS and the airport elevation is at 3848 feet.

Tell me about Kathu (South Africa)?

Kathu is situated in South Africa in Northern Cape (Africa). In Kathu the time zone is GMT +02:00, making it currently on . Sunrise is expected at and sunset at . More details about this city can be found by clicking here. The currency in South Africa is the Rand (ZAR). If you would like to convert ZAR into your country's currency, please click here.

What other Cities, Towns or Suburbs are nearby Sishen Airport?

1: is situated 9 miles (14km) from Sishen Airport.

ARE YOU TRAVELLING TO KATHU? Awesome! Find more information on this city by clicking here.

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